And they lived happily together

And they lived happily together

Unit 6: And they lived happily together Level: 1st Bachillerato







General objective

Read autonomously texts of general subjects or suitable to their interests.

Read autonomously with different aims

Use the foreign laguage orally in order to communicate fluently and correctly through the use of adequate strategies.

Reflect on the functioning of the foreign language in comm, to improve their own productions and understand others in different situations.

Reflect on the functioning of the foreign language in comm, to improve their own productions and understand others in different situations.

Value the foreign language as a means to have access to other cultures and appreciate their importance for a better understanding of their own language and culture,.

Specific objective

Relate some morals to their own experiences.

Listen to a text and act a dialogue about their future plans

Make Ss aware of the diff ways to express future: will / going to /fut cont / fut perfect

Discriminate and pronounce correctly these sounds: /ae/ /a:/ /u/ /u:/

Read a text related to vocational training in English

Warm up


Brainstorming: T sticks some flashcards showing animals from fables on the blackboard ans asks Ss inf about the titles of the fables and how animals behave

Correct activities from homework.

Eliciting: T shows some photos of diff professions and asks Ss inf about their future careers and preferences

Eliciting: Ss express their opinions about other Ss plans and make predictions about their future, eg. “Sara is going to study in London. I think she will became a hairstylist”

Read some texts from homework

Eliciting: Do you think you are taking the subjects that will best prapre you for your future job? Why? Why not? (Ss reflect on their subjects and their future)



Pre-reading: T pre-teaches some voc.: swift…Use transp to match the words. Then, presents some sheets contaning pictures, texts and morals. Ss connect them

Pre-listening: T sets the text. It is a dialogue beween Fiona, a S and the career adviser, Jill. Jill is asking about her preferences and giving advice

Grammar: Fut simple, going to, fut.continuous, fut.perfect. Teacher shows a transparency with the different future tenses. Some of these sentences have been taken from the previous text.

Pronunciation: T presents diff sounds: /ae/ /a:/ /u/ /u:/

T uses a transparency and the OHP. Ss listen and repeat.

T sets text: schools in GB, Ss dropping out of school, …

Pre-reading: Ss choose a meaning for Voc Training




While-reading (skimming): Ss individually connect pictures, texts and morals

Post-reading (scanning): Ss answer Qs about the text.

While-listening (skimming): T/F statements about the text

Post-listening (scanning): Complete some sentences from the text

Grammar exercises: fill in the gaps, match, choose, complete, rewrite.

Fast learners will play a comm game (future snaps)

Matching: Ss relate the words to the sounds they hear and practice these sounds in two dialogues

While-reading (skimming) Ss read the text and complete the sentences according to it.

Post-reading (scanning): T/ F sentences, find evidences





Small-group discussion: Ss relate morals to sth that has happened in their lives

Pair-work activity: Ss role-play a dialogue in which one is a S and the other a career adviser. Some Ss perform the activity in front of the class

Pair-work activity: Ss Interview their partner about their plans for the future and then predict what they will be

Role-play: Ss perform the dialogue in front of the class.

Pair-work: Ss exchange opinions about volunteer work in Africa. One tries to persuade the other to go with him. Use comm strategies


Cloze text: “The boy who cried wolf” Fill in the gaps


Write about their partner’s plans