Humans and Monsters 1

Humans and Monsters 1

Unit: 14 “Humans and Monsters”(based on Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Film by Kenneth Brannagh Level: 1st Bachillerato








General objective

Use comprehension strategies that allow the interference of unknown meanings through context

Reflect on the functioning of the FL in comm, in order to improve their own productions and understand others in diff situations

Use the FL both orally and written in order to communicate fluently and correctly through the use of adequate strategies

Understand and interpret critically oral, written and visual texts emmited in habitual situations of communication

Reflect on their own learning process using autonomous resources

Understand and interpret critically oral, written and visual texts emmited in habitual situations of communication

Specific objective

Create and perform a dialogue from the video

Do a role-play

Discuss on literature and cinema

Summarise and interpret inf from the text to express some arguments to defend an idea

Write a biography of one of the characters and discuss the topics raised in the novel

Read authentic Eng texts

Write a correct piece of writing

Warm up


Brainstorming: Romanticism, Frankenstein, films.

Do a quiz.- Show photos of several films to motivate Ss

Check homework

Eliciting: Ss predict what they think is going to happen now to the characters they already know: V Frank, the monster, H Clerval.

Check homework

Eliciting: T reads out a summary of the narrative to date. He makes deliberate mistakes. Ss shout out when they hear a mistake & correct

Eliciting: Ss are given a map and they have to trace arrows indicating the itinerary followed by Frank in the novel

Brainstorming: Ss have to shout out their favourite and less favourite scenes in the book

Eliciting: Discussion related to the topics that have been raised in the book: ethics and technology in the novel and nowadays



Film: 5m. Opening scenes: Walton is on an expedition to the N Pole and writes letters to his sister Margaret about the difficult conditions of the ship. One day a man is taken on board: Frankestein, who tells him the story of his life

Film: 5m

(Frank’s little brother is murdered by the monster, but Justine, who is an innocent friend, is condemned and hanged)

Film: 5m

(the monster asks Frank to make a female for him) Vision is off ans Ss just listen

Film: 5m

(Dr. Frank gets married, his wife will be killed by the monster) The sound of the film is off

Film: 5m. End of the film. (Frank is very ill, he revises his life and feelings. He dies and the monster shows up. Finally it will disappears) Ss discuss whether or not they have enjoyed the ending


Rewrite a biography of one of the characters




Ss watch the video again:

Wh-viewing: (Skimming) T/F sentences

After-viewing: (Scanning) answering more specific Qs

Wh-viewing: (Skimming) Gap filling

After-viewing: (Scanning)

Jumbled text

Wh-list: Ss write down the images they guess are being shown. Then they watch the film but now with vision on, they check and compare

Wh-viewing: (Skimming) Ss write in pairs a dialogue for the scenes they are watching and then check with original

After-viewing: (Scanning) some Ss role play a diff dialogue with sound off

Reading: Ss have to order the life of Frankenstein’s creator chronologically.

Vocabulary activities

Complete the activities which will enable the final task





Pair-work: Video (sound off) Ss watch the scenes where Frank meets his friend Clerval, who came to study at univ

Dialogue creation & perform

Pairwork. Role-play. Ss choose 2 characters and write a dialogue showing their personalities and their role in the narrative: Frank-Clerval, Justine-judge

Group-work: Discussion: Ss compare the book and the film, and express the positive and negative things. Cinema or literature: what do you prefer?

Group-work: Discussion:

Guilty or innocent? Ss revise sentences describing main characters and then they decide and defend who is less guilty, Frank or monster

Writing: Ss have to write a short review of the most imp events of Mary Shelley’s life

Writing: Rewrite a biography of one of the characters


Reading from Walton’s letters to Chapter 7

Activities: Rein & Ampl

Reading Ch8-14


Reading Ch15-21

Activities: reinf & ampl

Reading Ch 22-end

Write a brief summary of the story

Briefly, rewrite the end of the book