Is that your phone?” 1

Is that your phone?” 1

Unit: 8 Title:” Is that your phone?”

Transversal Topic: Moral and civic education

Level: 1st Bach








General objective

Understand and interpret critically oral, written and visual texts emmited in habitual situations of communication.

Reflec on the functioning of the FL in communication, in order to improve their own productions and understand others.

Use the language both orally and written in order to communicate fluently and correctly through the use of adequate strategies.

Read autonomously texts of gral.Subjects or suitable to their interests.

Value the foreign language as a means to have access to other knowledge and cultures, and appreciate their importance for a better understanding of their own lang.

Specific objective

Learn and rewiew voc.Related to telephones.

Review and reforce the use of the reported speech.

-Listen for gral. And specific information

– Interact in pairs.

-Reading for gral. And specific information

-Interact in group

Reading for gral.And specific information.

Warm up


Brainstorming: Voc related to telephone or common phrases used on tel conversation

Ellicitiong: How is the reported speech formed? What part of the sentences changes? Can you give an example?

Flash cards:Elliciting: wich of these items has change our way of life most?Have the changes been for good?

Brainstorming:Mobile phones

Who invented the telephone?

Where the mobile phones were introduced? When? And the short message service?

Brainstorming: voc.

Related to SMS English 4ever, ASAP,4U,BBN,TX,AML=/ Spanish ( ask SS)



Vocabulary+Useful expresions on telephone conversations:

-Startinf a tel. Conversation

-Telephone problems

Grammar Revision:Direct + Indirec Speech.Phrasal verbs.

SS infer the rule.The collumn in indirect speech is not visible. T helps.

Pre-listening:Questionnaire “Telephone Mania”

T pronounces the dif. Questions in the questionnaire with falling or rising intonation.SS infer the rule( yes/no Questions, wh-questions)

Pre-reading:What do these headlines suggest to you?

Mobile phones:

-gadget or an necesity?

-teenagers and technology

-The mobile invasion

-A status symbol

Pre-reading:On BB.

2b OR NT 2B

What does it mean?




Starting a phone conversation

Fill in the gaps

Reported Speech exercises: Multiple choice, fill in the blanks


Post-Listening:SS write the missing parts + answer some questions

Wh-reading:Yes/no questions

Post-reading:Comprehension questions

Wh-reading:T/F questions

Post-reading:Comprehension questions





Role play:In pairs, ss act out 2 telep conversations.One formal+other inf.Putting into practice voc.Seen in presentation stage.

Groupwork: SS change the dialogue from direct to indirect speech. 2SS read the dialogue and third reports the conversation.SS take turns in reporting

Role play:SS practice the dialogue in pairs using the appropiate intonation

Group work: Discusion in groups of 6.Each group reads a paragraph and explain the main ideas to the rest of the class.The rest of the groups agree or desagree.

Class Work: Discusion:Correcness of the language used in SMS: A new language?


Write down the dialogues.

Additional practice


Composition: Mobile phones in Spanish Schools

Composition about the discussion