Is this Love? 1

Is this Love? 1

Unit: 13 Is this Love? Level: 1st Bachillerato







General objective

Read different types of text in an autonnomous way

Develop communicative skills

Carry out interactive tasks in real or simulated situations

Use learning strategies and didactic resources

Using specific conventions of natural conversation in simulation tasks

Specific objective

To develop students’ appreciation of Eng lit

Learn about Sh and his time

To familiarize Ss with the characters of the play.

Do a role-play

Write a dialogue and perform it

Infer cultural aspects from the play

Role-play an act of the play

Writing a Lonely Heart Advertisement

Warm up


Eliciting: OHP Shakespeare and his time. Elicit inf. about it (theatre, costumes, etc.)

Eliciting: Present the characters. OHP: Elicit some inf about them. What are they called What is their relationhip?

Eliciting: T shows a picture of the scene of a balcony and a summary with mistakes (they correct them)

Eliciting: Ss correct false statements about the play

Eliciting: Qs What did you like/dislike? What about the end? Why is the play a tragedy?



Video watching. 5’ beginning of the film.

Shakespeare and his time

Video watching 5’ the party scene.

Video watching. 5’ the balcony. Sound off questions Who are they? Why is Romeo going up the balcony?…

Video watching. End.


According to the nature of the group, T decides between one of these two final tasks:




After-watching: T asks Qs about the video (scanning)

Reading (skimming) T hands out a text about Sh (multiple choice) and a summary of the plot (T/F).

While-watching: write names of characters at the party

Listening: (while-list) Write the names of the characters that a reporter named describing the party under the correct picture. Check with Dramatis Personae.

Writing. In pairs, complete Romeo and Juliet’s dialogue for the scene.

(Weaker Ss are given an adapted dialogue.)

After-watching: T asks Qs about the video (scanning)

Writing. Rearrange the pictures and put the paragraphs in order

  • Writing a “Lonely Heart” Advertisement
  • Role play modern version of Romeo and Juliet





Discussion: What diff can you find between Renaissance and XXI c.? (costumes, people, theatre…)

Pair-work: You are the reporter of the Verona Times. Interview the characters at the party

Role-play: in pairs, perform the dialogue

Discussion: Topics in the play: Parents and children, love relationships.

Give your opinion



Read parts one and two of the book.

Comprehension activities.

Graded Readers: Romeo and Juliet. Vicens VIves

Read parts three and four of the book.

Comprenhension activities

Read parts five and six of the book.

Comprehension activities

Composition (choose one)

  • Wr a happy end
  • A report about the two lovers’ death in The Verona Times

T gives Ss a writing guide