It’s a Multicultural World 1

It’s a Multicultural World 1

Unit:9 It’s a Multicultural World Level: 1st Bachillerato


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General objective Understand and interpret critically oral, written and visual texts emited in habitual situations of communication Reflect on the functioning of the foreign language in comm in order to improve their own productions and understand others in more varied and unpredictable situations Use the FL both orally and written in order to communcate fluently through the use of adequate strategies Read autonomously texts with diff aims of general subjects or suitable to their interest and understanding Use the language both orally and written in order to communicate fluently and correctly through the use of adequate strategies
Specific objective Understand and express their ideas about an event To show the meaning ans use of the two types of relative clauses Express suggestions by means of modals Should / Ought to / Need Write a composition. Describe a person physically and character Describe persons, objects, words by means of relative sentences
Warm up


Vocabulary: T gives Ss some words they have to match with definitions and their pronunciation Write two pairs of sentences on the BB and ask Ss to join them with a relative. Correct previous homework Correct homework

Elicit some adjectives to describe people physically and personally

Read some compositions aloud


Pre-listening: Ss read some lines about the event they are about to listen Explain Grammar: Clear distinction of defining/ non-defining relat clauses. Subject, Object and omission of relative. Pre-reading: Prediction activity. How many countries are there in the UK? Has it got many dif people? Do you think they are tolerant? Brainstorm pattern of a physical description

Scheme to follow a description

Short review of relative clauses with who, that, which, where…

Write on BB and underneath we make sentences





“Welcoming the New Britons”

While-list. Ss answer T/F

After-listening: Ss answer comprehension Qs

In pairs Ss practice with some exercises trying to distinguish the defining/ non-defining relative clauses. Act. a, b and c So what exactly is multiclutural?

While-list. (skimming)Ss circle all relatives in text.

After-list. (scanning) Ss answer specific Qs

Activities about personality adjectives

Read the description of an immigrant who arrived to Spain

Teacher gives words Ss have to describe: teetotaller, a person who never drinks alcohol, castle, house, farmer, give up smoking, …




Discussion: Based on the text of the pledge they discuss about their opinion and country In groups of 4 they make sentences about their own interest, “Pocholo, who is a famous man, is silly Amendments: rules or suggestions to welcome the immigrants Individually, Ss write a composition (100-150) describing a partner. T collects the composition Communicative Game: Scattergoris
HW Complete a text with relative clauses Rewrite the sentences from the text with relatives