Life in England

Life in England

Unit: 7 Title: Life in England Level: 1st Bach






5 & 6

General obj

Use the foreign language both orally and written in order to communicate fluently and correctly through the use of adequate strategies

Understand and interpret critically oral, written and visual texts emitted in habitual situations of communication

Reflect on the functioning of the foreign language in comm in order to improve their own productions and understand others in more varied and unpredictable situations

Reflect on the functioning of the foreign language in comm in order to improve their own productions and understand others in more varied and unpredictable situations

Know the fundamental socio-cultural aspects of the studied FL in order to achieve a better comm and a better understanding and interpretation of cultures which are different to ours

Specific obj

Students speak of their daily life and desires.They read an authentic text wich contains slang expresions and the word supper from <BrE>

Students listen to a text and extract general and specific information (skimming and scanning )

Make students aware of the three ways of making hypotheses.Conditionals 1,2,3.

Discriminate and pronounce correctly the sounds /t/,/d/,/s/ & /z/. Practising intonation.

Make Ss aware of how temporal markers: when, while,asa work.Make them realize of how diff eating habits in GB and Spain are.

Warm up


Elicting: Teacher asks students about their daily life and desires of the future

He /she shows flashcards where there are possible jobs.

Brainstorming: Which do you think are three most imp qualities for successful athletes? Fit, reliable, disciplined,… T pre-teaches coach and talent scout.

Eliciting information: Do you remember yesterday´s listening? Who would you choose and way? If you were loking for a teammate would you be looking for someone helpful,reliable…?

Homework correction: Students read aloud some compositions from homework about their eating habits.

Eliciting: T tells students to keep fit and healthy. Should you eat healthy food? Can you eat at MacDonald´s healthy food? T shows a flashcard called healthy food challenge.



Pre-reading activity: T pre-teaches some vocabulary from the text.The Ss have to match the words with their corresponding definitions

Pre-listening : Teachers sets the test.Two talent scouts are choosing candidates for a local team.Students try to guess the questions.

Grammar: Conditionales 1,2 and 3. Use OHP

They have to complete conditionals on fast food eating.

Pronunciation: Explain the place of articulation of the articulatory organs to pronunce the sounds /t/ /d/ /s/ & /z/

Pre-writing: The T presents a sheet with Sean´s fod choices and writes some sentences using the temporal markers:when,while,asa,…




While-reading (skimming): True/false questions.

Post-reading (scanning): Ss answer some Qs about the text (food, hobbies, desires of future…)

While-listening (skimming) : Multiple choice.

Post-listening (scanning): Tell the good and bad qualities of the candidates. Who is the chosen candidate in the end?

Grammar excercises:

· Choose the correct answer.

· Complete the sentences with conditionals 1,2,3

Pronunciation: Students discriminate the sounds and then listen and repeat two dialogues which contain them.

Writing: The Ss write their own sentences using temporal markers.The T tells them to write on what is typical from their culture focusing on food and Spanish timetable.





Group work: Talk about terms related with daily life in Spain (above all food and timetable)

Group work: In groups of six people Ss have two choose three candidates to play in the school team and talk about their good and bad qualities.

Group-work: Make a chain story

If I were rich…

If I had studiedharder… Ss make up other situations

Role-play: pair-work activity.The students perform either of the dialogues in front of the class.

Communicative Game: fast food restaurants.


Write a recipe: The Ss are given a recipe of typical food of England.They have to do the same with food in Spain.


Wr.: Composition about your eating habits.

FINAL TASK: a normal day