Looks good on you! 1

Looks good on you! 1

Unit: 3 Looks good on you!

Transversal Topic:Moral and Civic Education

Level: 1st Bachillerato

Material/Aids: photocopies, OHP, cassette/ CDs, computer







General objective

Understand and interpret critically oral, written and visual texts.

Reflect on the functioning of language and grammar.

Reflect on the functioning of language and grammar.

Communicate efficiently orally.

Create a coherent and cohesive text.

Specific objective

To read and understand how we describe other people.

To understand the uses of Present Perfect/ Past Perfect.

To learn and revise some phrasal verbs.

To learn how to pronounce weak forms of prepositions.

To listen to a dialogue and to be able to use greetings, farewells and requests.

To reproduce a dialogue.

To write a biography with adverbs of degree and connectors.

Warm up


Flashcards: look at people from different time periods, what was the criteria for good looks in each period?

Brainstorming: About your recent experiences: Have you had your driving licence? Have you …?

Brainstorming: about prepositions on BB. How many do you remember?

Warm-up:. T shows Ss a situation in a picture and elicits answer. Guess what they’re saying: Hello!, moring!, bye

Flashcards of Ronaldinho and Beckham. Brief biography orally about some facts of his life



Pre-reading: “A new model of beauty” Pre-teach some new words. Ask: What does the title suggests to you?

Grammar point: OHP Revision of Pres Perfect/Past Perfect, deductively.

Time expressions: since, for , yet, already

Pronunciation chart on BB. Weak forms of prep and aux.

Grammar: phrasal verbs (tran & intran) related to relationships: get on,…

Formulae. Transparency of greetings, farewells and polite requests.

Pre-list.: Reply to the situations. Work intonation

Grammar: Trans. With intensifiers (see in context)

Explaing the process of writing a biography.




While-reading: (skimming) T/F Qs.

Post-reading: (scanning) gral. Qs.

Gap-filling: Complete the blanks and make sentenes describing pictures. Use of time expressions.

+ Reinforcement

Gap-filling: Listen to a conversation and fill in the missing prep.

Drills with phrasal verbs

Listen to a dialogue:

While-list.: underline the already taught formulae.

After-list.: order the dialogue in pairs. A & B

Readin.g: Work with a model biography. Read it and analyse the steps to follow.





Pair-work: Discussion.

Choose a singer or group. Tell your partner something about the singer. Use Pres. Perfect.

Group-work: “Work it Out”. In groups of 3, ss are given two cards, one reads the others the text, they are detectives and answer qs to find what happened.

Group-work (4): Game. Ss are given some cards with phrasal verbs on one side and meaning on the other. T gives cards and Ss build a sentence

Prepare a guided dialogue following the instructions.

Act in front of Ss.

Speaking: Write a biography about a person you know: friend/ relative



Writing: Write sentences with phrasal verbs describing their relation with other people. T collects.


Final Task. Radio programme. With the clues about Charlize Theron, Ss prepare their biography to simulate a radio programme.

Record it/ Amplification work