Love and Life 1

Love and Life 1

Unit: Love and Life (Based on Great Expectations” by C. Dickens) Film by Alfonso Cuarón 1998 Level: 1st Bachillerato








General objective

Understand and interpret critically oral, written and visual texts emitted in habitual situations of communication

Reflect on the functioning of the FL in comm, in order to improve their own productions and understand others in diff sits.

Use the FL both orally and written in order to communicate fluently and correctly through the use of adequate strategies

Use comprehension strategies that allow the interference of unknown meanings through context

Reflect on their own learning process using autonomous resources

Understand and interpret critically oral, written and visual texts emmited in habitual situations of communication

Specific objective

Create and perform a dialogue from the video

Do a role-play

Discuss on literature and cinema

Do a role-play

To read authentic texts in English

To organise messages

Write a biography of one of the characters and discuss the topics raised in the novel

Warm up


Brainstorming: T shows Ss some illustrations from Industrial Revolution. Ss talk about this historical period and match sentences to pictures

Homework correction

Eliciting: Ss are given some pictures of thre characters, their names and roles and they have to match.

Homework correction

Eliciting: T reads out a summary of the narrative to date. He makes deliberate mistakes. Ss shout out and correct

Homework correction

Eliciting: The words pronounced by Miss Havisham defining love will be stuck on blackboard. Do ss agree?

Homework correction

Brainstorming: Ss have to shout out their favourite and least favourite scenes in the book

Eliciting: Discussion related to the topics that have been raised in the book: How inportant is the theme of social class in th book? In our time is it so important? Why/ not?



Pre-teach voc: bolt, pier

Film: 5m. Opening scene:

Finn is in the beach drawing animals from the sea, suddenly a man appears: his feet are tied with a chain. He’s aggressive and asks the boy to bring him sth to eat and a bolt cutter. He’s just escaped from prison

Film: 5m. Finn is taken to Miss Havisham’s house: “Great Paradise” There he will meet Stella, a very proud girl, and Miss Havisham, a rich old woman whose life stopped on the day when she was going to marry, but that man broke her heart. She wants Finn to go to her house and play with Estella

Film: 5m.

A lawyer comes to visit Pip and Joe. He talks about a secret benefactor who wants Pip to go to New York and become and important painter

Film: 5m. Ss watch the film with the sound off.

Finn is visited by a strange man, it’s the convict and he’s his benefactor. Finn is scared and disappointed because he believed that his benefactress was Miss Havisham. Estella announces her marriage to Bentley Drummle

Film: 5m. End of the film.

Finn goes back to the house where he meets Estella. She has changed and they renew their friendship.


Rewrite a biography of one of the characters




Ss watch the section of video again.

Wh-viewing: T/Fsentences (skimming)

After-viewing: Answering specific Qs (scanning)

After-viewing: (scanning)

Ss are given a jumbled text with diff paragraphs from the chapters they have already read, they put them in order. Check understanding

Wh-viewing: (skimming)Ss write T/F next to the sentences while they are watching the film

After-viewing: Ss complete a chart with diff between film and book

Wh.-viewing: Ss watch the film several times and write a dialogue for the scenes they are watching. Then they compare with the original dialogue, watching the film again with the sound on

Reading: Ss have to order the life of Charles Dickens chronologically.

Vocabulary activities

Complete the activities which will enable the final task





Pair-work: Video (sound off) Watch the scene where Finn gets to the shore and meets his brother in law. He’s nervous but he says nothing about the convict. Dialogue creation and performing

Pair-work: Role play. Ss choose two of the characters and write a dialogue showing their personalities and their role in the narrative: Finn and Estella, Miss Havisham, Pip and the convict. Some ss perform

Group-work: Discussion. Ss compare the film and the book and express the positive and negative things. Cinema or literature: What do you prefer?

Pair-work: Role play. Ss practice the dialogues they have intended and they double the sound of the video with these new dialogues. So we watch the video with sound off and the Ss’s voices

Writing: Ss have to write a short review of the most imp events of Charles Dickens

Writing: Rewrite a biography of one of the characters


Reading from ch. 1-3. Activities

Reading ch. 4-6


Reading ch. 7-9


Reading ch. 10-12


Rewrite the end of the book