Moral and Civic Education

Moral and Civic Education

Unit:1 Our culture

Transversal Topic:Moral and Civic Education

Level: 1st Bachillerato (16-17 years)

Material/Aids: Photocopies, flashcards, CD, OHP, althia room








General objective

Develop communicative skills in order to make information exchanges

Read diff types of texts in order to know other cultures and lifestyles

Communicate efficiently both orally and through written texts

Transfer the communication strategies in order to carry out the interactive tasks.

Reflect on their own learning processes in order to succeed in the tasks presented

Encourage a positive attitude towards other cultures

Specific objective

To read and understand what other students do in order to study abroad

To understand ways of expressing likes and interests

To express about other nationalities and defend or not the other ed. system

To pronounce correctly the endings of the verbs in 3rd p sg (pres simple)

To express preferences about free time activities

To interact in exchanges of information

Warm up


Culture quiz: Guessing.

How much do you know about your country?

Complete the chart with their lags and nationalities

Homework correction: check how many sts would live abroad and how they express in pres simple

Pre-listening: What is typical in France? Louvre museum, a fresh croissant, romantic language.

Song predict what the song is about from the title. Guessing: love, interest, need.

Flashcards-hobbies. How do you name them? Guess it.

Final task: make a multicultural calendar of English speaking countries



Pre-reading: Living Abroad

Read the title and look at the pictures. What’s the text about?

Pre-teach: share a flat & flatmate

Grammar point: OHP

Revision pres. simple and cont. Deductively.

State verbs: Likes & dislikes Model sentences

Elicit countries using flashcards.

Pronunciation: OHP: /s/, /z/, /iz/ at the end of the verbs of the song written in 3rd p. (orally sts place words in correct column)

Vocabulary in charts. Compound nouns watching TV – gerund + noun

Gerunds and infinitives





While-reading: (skimming) T/F Qs.

Post-reading: (scanning) gral.&sp. Qs.

Gap filling: photocopy with pres simple & cont. + interests

Photocopy with reinforcement. Pay attention to: Do you like test?

While-listening: (skimming) yes/no Qs.

Post-listening: (scanning) gral. Qs

Activities from the songs:

– When I need you

– Tom’s Diner

Sts make sentences with a selection of vocabulary and the new structures such as I can’t stand,…






Group work: Discussion:

Would you like to live abroad for a year? Why or why not?

Pair work: Talking about tests. Express your opinion about exams with cards (demon/angel)

Pairwork: Choose 1 nationality/country card find your mate and defend it orally: pros/cons or ups/downs


Groupwork: Speaking Comm. Game

Likes & dislikes + gerunds/ infinitives



Take notes about other sts. Rewrite their opinion: He thiks that… (use pres simple)

Grammar activities

Amplification: research work

Writing: write an essay with connectors about your favourite country & its culture.


Using useful expressions. Write your partner’s preferences using the structures given