Our Environment 1

Our Environment 1

Unit:2 Our Environment

Transversal Topic: Respect to the environment

Level:1st Bachillerato (16-17 years)

Material/Aids: OHP, cassette, computer







General objective

Use foreign laguage both, oral and written to communicate

Read autonomously

Reflect on the functioning of the foreign laguage in communication in order to improve their own productions and understand others

Understand and interpret critically oral, written, and visual texts emitted in habitual situations of communication and through the mass media.

Write texts with diff goals.

Communicate efficiently in written and orally.

Specific objective

To read and reflect on the environment

To understand the uses of past simple and past continuous with while and when

To defend the best solution in order to save the environment

To pronounce correctly the ending of verbs in simple past /t/, /d/, /id/

To write a composition with a balanced argument

Warm up


Culture Quiz: Guessing

Are you ecollogically aware? T asks some Qs, Ss find out their score.

Flashcards: Pollution.

Match the source and the couse of each kind of pollution with the correct photo

Guessing: from the Internet.

Vocabulary related to environment “pollution, ozone layer, acid rain”

Countable or uncountable.

Flashcards: Guessing

What should (advice) or musn’t (obligation) …. in orther to save the world?

Warm up: Flashcards. Are these picturs natural disasters or not?



The black death.

Pre-reading: Pre-teach some vocabulary in nouns + verbs + adjs

Grammar point: OHP

Revision Past simple/ Past continuous with temporal expressions –deductively-

Children and environment

Pre-listening: What can we teach to save and protect the environment?

Pronunciation: deductively

OHP /t/, /d/, /id/

Each sound in the correct column

Vocabulary: Verbs or nouns? Word – families




While-reading (skimming): T/F Qs

Post- reading (scanning): general Qs

Gap-filling: complete the gaps and make sentenceswith temporal expressions

While-listening (skimming): yes/no Qs

Post- listening(scanning): general Qs

Ss write the correct transcription when the endings are in connected speech.

Gap-filling: the correct word in the correct place in sentences.





Group work: Discusson. Are you really worried about the environment?

Pair-work: Strange things happen (pas s+c) Join each card with another one making sense

Group work: defend your favourite job in favour of the environment (search the internet)

Group-work: Comm. Game. Extreme weather. New bulleting. Create a role-play about as a presenter of news.

Discussion. Group-work (3 Ss): you want to donate 600e. Which organisation would you choose? Why?


Writing: Composition.

We do not care about the environment and the Earth is getting hotter.


Writing: write a formal letter asking for the job to the agency (photocopy with help)

Speaking: Record it as it was a radio programme. There will be an audition.

Writing: Write down the arguments to defend your fav. organisation. Use phot. with voc. & express.)