Tea and Coffee 1

Tea and Coffee 1

Unit:9 Tea and Coffee Level: 1st Bachillerato








General objective

Reflect upon the functioning of the lg as an element that facilitates autonomous learning

Develop communcative skills, both orally and in written form through specific tasks

Acquire the capacity of communicate orally and in written form in habitual sits. of communication

Read diff types of texts in a comprehensive and autonomous way

Have access to the knowledge of the culture that the FL transmits

Use learning strategies and didactic resources to look for information

Specific objective

Get Ss attention about the topic: vocabulary, gr structures, …

Practice British and American English

Oral communication in pair group and understanding

Check the use of passive and future sentences. Enable Ss take decisions

Read about social behaviour and customs

Enable final task

Make a multicultural calendar of English-speaking countries

Warm up


Eliciting: Orally complete the chart: countries & nats.

Previous knowledge test

Matching: countries and famous people

Vocabulary: link synonym AmE & BrE words.

Eliciting: How will you cook a sausage? Say it in order: A sausage is taken,…

Eliciting: Cornflakes (create) by: A. Mr. Bean B… C… T checks management of the passive

Eliciting: Show a photo of Sting: Is he Br or Am? Do you know any of his songs?...

In groups, Ss are assigned a country (out of 12)



Pre-reading: complete sentences from the text and get familiar with the new voc.

Pre-listening: Read and identify where each person come from. (US – UK)

Pron.: practice Am & BrE

Pronunciation: distinguish BrE and AmE

Pre-listening: do the quiz in pairs

Pre-reading: present the text by guessing from the title and pictures. Could you survive in an English speaking country?

Vocabulary: In pairs, Ss select the best alternative and make sentences about their country

Ss research imp cultural dates and events (festivities, traditions, food…)

Decorate their month




While-list: (skimming) read text of stereotypes:

After-list: (scanning) comprehension activities Grammar: Ss deduce the use rules of the passive

While-list. (skimming): listen and identify where each character comes from (US – UK)

Post-list(scanning): listen again and complete gaps.

While-list. (skimming): listen to 6 extracts and check answers.

Post-list (scanning): listen to the answers and check

While-Reading: in pairs, choose the most suitable option from the maze, then read aloud the options they took

Pre-reading: present the text by guessing from the title and pictures

Reading: Read about social behaviour and customs and answer Qs

T collects the pages and creates a calendar

It is displayed on the class walls



ss-ss/ ss

Speaking: in pairs, make and answer Qs using passive

Writing: write about how to make an omelette using the passive voice

Writing: In pairs,Ss write their own quiz (Use graded clues)

Writing: produce future sentences to give solutions for the situations

Writing: write up the tips for foreign visitors to you country

Some festivities could be celebrated!!



Ss find the countries and answer Qs


Assessment Test