Temario 3 – Educación primaria Inglés

Topic 6 – Contributions of linguistics to the teaching of foreign languages. The process of linguistic learning: Similarities and differences between the acquisition of the first school language and foreign language.

In the first one , we are going to talk about the different contributions of the linguistic to the teaching process , named the traditional approach as Grammar. Translation , Direct method and Structural method. From the current method we are going to talk about…

Topic 7 – The oral foreign language. The complexity of understanding the overall meaning in oral interaction: From audition to active and selective listening. Taking word of imitative reproduction to autonomous production.

Perhaps, the most important difference between writing and speaking is related to the need for accuracy. Native speakers constantly make mistakes when they are speaking: they change the subject in the middle of a sentence, hesitate and say the same thing

Topic 8 – Foreign written language. Approximation, maturing and improving the reading-writing process. Reading comprehension: techniques for global and specific understanding of texts. Written expression: the interpretation of the text production.

In relation to the written foreign language we have to bear in mind we can find three different styles according to writing purpose; the expressive style focuses on the expression of the writers personal feelings; the transactional style focuses on logical statements…