Temario 3 – Educación primaria Inglés

Topic- 11 – Lexical and semantic fields in English. Lexicon need for socialization, information and expression of attitudes. Typology linked to teaching and learning vocabulary in the foreign language classroom activities.

An ability to manipulate grammatical structure does not have any potential for expressing meaning unless words are used. We talk about the importance of “choosing your words carefully” in certain situation, but we are less concerned about choosing structures…

Topic 12 – Essential elements of morphosyntax of English. Elementary communicative structures. Progressive use of grammatical categories in oral and written communication to enhance production.

The structures of a language, the rules governing the changes of their forms and the combination of elements composing it, constitute the grammar of that language. If our intention is to learn a language, we cannot just learn its vocabulary but we will have to learn…

Topic 25A – The process of teaching and learning in a foreign language learner-centered: fundamentals and applications. The identification of the motivations and attitudes towards English. Practical applications.

Campbell (1992) has stated that the main principle in learner‑centred teaching is that all class activities can be done using information that the learners themselves bring to the class. It is true that humanistic approaches[1] also accept active pupil involvement….